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Huwebes, Setyembre 27, 2012

How to Be Happiest Unemployed Person on the Planet

Losing your job is the best thing that could ever happen to you. Celebrate your freedom from the work force and be a slob! That last few words surely didn’t sound stellar – but admit it, you could use some time away to figure out your life. Though it’s off the record or any human resource books, this is a great way to boost your career.

human resource books

Well, losing your source of income might seem as miserable as the Great Depression if you have student loans, mortgage and other bills to pay with little money left on your bank account. But think of all the free time that you’ll have. Not to mention the voluntary freedom from the office politics and you’re your rat hole cubicle that you’ve been secretly despising for some time now.

Online College Courses shared a hefty list of things anyone can do while off the job. They offered 100 on how to be productive while on a down time. And I must, they have a pretty good list out there. But I enjoy doing things differently. Thanks to their list, I’ve created my own step-by-step plan on how to be the happiest unemployed individual on the planet.

online college course

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Clean Up If you’ve been in that job for more than half a year, there’s certainly much to clean up before you leave. Start by cleaning all those scratch papers, emails and other forms of messages that are irrelevant now that you’re not connected with the company anymore. Then, start cleaning out your system. Yes – you got that right. Rid yourself of all the hate and negativity that you’ve been able to muster up in this unpleasant event. Clean up your act. Leave (or throw) anything that wouldn’t help you to move forward into a better state.

• Exercise to get in shape
• End your resentment by mediating and learn to think positively
• Clean or redecorate your home
• Stay involved in your industry by attending networking events
• Learn from your mistakes

2. Plan Ahead Though it may sound appealing, you can’t be unemployed forever. Money doesn’t grow on trees man, no matter how hard you wish for them to do so. Always remember that sooner or later you’ll have to end this extended vacation of yours and start earning a living. You have to be that responsible adult that you are and provide for yourself and your family. Earning a living doesn’t necessarily mean going back to a 9 to 5 job. You may opt to start your business, work as a freelance or offer your expertise as a consultant. No matter what you choose, make sure that you’ll be clear about it and take suitable measures to attain your newly set goals.

• Rethink and reestablish your personal and professional goals 
• Learn new skills related to what you intend to do 
• Pick up a new hobby or study a new language 
• Increase your value as an employee by attending courses, getting certifications or going back to school for a post graduate degree 
• Make plans for your retirement

3. Take Risks You’ve figured out what to do huh? So why are you still lounging on your couch? Take that leap of faith and start reaching your dreams. I know it’s easier said than done but you have to take the first step. What do you have to lose – you’ve already lost your job right? But kidding aside, don’t be afraid to try out things that are new to you. Now is the time.

• Volunteer for a charity or promote a cause that you believe in 
• Put up your own business 
• Start on a different career 
• Go out and meet new people to maintain a social life 
• Face your fears and change bad habits

Being unemployed is not that miserable. After all, this could be that one opportunity that you’ve been waiting for that could turn your life around. Embrace the uncertainty and change for the better to move your career and life forward.

Still not sure what to do? Check out Online College Courses’ 100 Smart Ways to Invest Your Time When Unemployed."

Huwebes, Setyembre 20, 2012

Throw the Best Pool Party this summer in 5 Easy Steps

spongebob squarepants and patrick

I enjoy summers a lot! Wait, who doesn’t? When I was still in school, I always looked forward to summer vacations. These two months away from any academic responsibility is like my heaven on Earth back in the days. Don’t get me wrong – I really enjoyed learning about different things but I know I need a break once in awhile. Changing the scenario once in a while helps a lot in keeping things fresh and interesting for me. With that, I’ve always kept my summers grand, fun and exciting.

My favorite way to do so is by throwing pool parties! No, you don’t need a pool of your own to get the party started – you’ll just need to be friends with someone who has one! Pretty easy, right? But it doesn’t stop there – here are 5 more things that you have to prepare to throw the best summer party of the year.

1.Party details

Before you announce the party to anyone, make sure that you’ve already planned things out. Going through even the smallest detail is the secret to having an awesome party. After deciding on the boring basics like the venue, date and time as well as the guest list, it’s time to go to the exciting details.

Throwing a party with a unique theme never fails to start the excitement even before the actual event. For pool parties, you can use colors, movies or TV shows as themes. The more creative you get, the more you’ll have fun!

Remember to keep things fun and light. It’s summer! For sure everyone just wants to have fun.

2.Spread the word

Today, there are millions of ways to get the invites out. Though handing out paper invitations is a way to go, think of all the trees you’ll save if you just send text messages to everyone or create a Facebook event instead. You could upload a video invitation in YouTube and pass the link to all of your friends. I’m sure you have other social networking accounts – get creative to make your pool party more exciting.


Nothing is worse than interrupting a fun party with an accident. Make sure that everyone stays safe during the entire party by putting up safety signs like “No Diving” or “No Running”. Setting safety rules is even more important if you’ll be having kids around. Make sure that children are accompanied by at least a parent or an adult so that somebody will look after them. Also, check your pool or spa controls before the party to check the quality and temperature of the water.

Hiring a lifeguard could be an option as well. If having a lifeguard is too much for you, designating family or friends to act as one is the best alternative. Just be sure that you have enough safety rings around the area.

Breakable utensils are a no-no. Stack up on paper plates and paper cups to avoid having shattered glass around pool when something accidentally spills or falls on the floor.

summer party

4.Awesome food, cocktails and music

Need I say more? This is the life of your party! Think about these things really well. Just keep in mind to keep it light and appropriate to the weather. Serve different types of chips and other finger foods so everyone can just grab them and go. Don’t forget the ice for a warm summer day!

Miyerkules, Setyembre 19, 2012

Be a Manager Today to Lose Your Job Tomorrow


Managers will soon be the workplace dinosaurs. Not that they’re morphing into creatures with tails and sharp claws, but they’d pretty much suffer the same fate in the near future. Managers are well on their way to becoming extinct members of the work force.

Age old human resource books, as well as those written in our current times will surely tear themselves to pieces if they’ve got hands. This thought may be somewhat unimaginable for many. Just let them be. This phenomenon is happening now and it’ll our reality sooner than you can spell Mississippi correctly – backwards.

It’ll be my pleasure to walk you through this employment diaspora. Let’s take the first step by scrolling down a little further.

Are you in the brink of extinction?

Managers are one of a kind creature. These people are hired by business owners to get things done and more often than not, they’re really good at doing so. They usually rise from the ranks by working hard. The subordinates that they rule over are usually their co-workers before they were propelled to the prestigious position of being a manager. According to Kristina Rickettes’ paper for the University of Kentucky entitled Leadership vs. Management, responsibilities of managers are more task-oriented. With that, they are expected to have a bevy of skills including technical, human and conceptual to perform their roles well.

Kristina Rickettes

A Wall Street Journal article identifies the primary tasks of managers and these are: setting objectives, organizing, motivating and communication, measuring and developing people.

Does this describe your current job? Read the rest of the article to know how to save yourself.


Don’t cry in desperation just yet. This situation may not be irreversible but you can do something. It’s only the managers that’ll be extinct – not you.

The workplace has under gone many changes over the years. Now, are not only allowed to work but they can already hold high positions in both public and private organizations. It’s a big leap from just boxing in women as housewives decades before. The internet has also changed the employment landscape. Today, work at home opportunities and outsourcing platforms are rampant. Are these the factors pushing for the extinction of managers? Well, not quite. The attitudes and perspective that they bring with them are the true changers of the workplace arena. Managers will be extinct because of the paradigm change taking place in the workplace. Leaders are taking over management roles.

Save me, maybe?

Definitely! Being spared from the big shift is truly possible. It may not be easy but it’s surely worth a try. Upgrading your leadership skills is the way to go. Here are the differences between a leader and a manger to get you a head start on the big change.

Warren Bennis

I’ll take Warren Bennis’ differentiation of leaders and managers as published in his book On Becoming a Leader. It was in 1989 but still very much relevant as Wall Street Journal quotes it in another article.

1.The manager administers; the leader innovates

2.The manager is a copy; the leader is an original

3.The manager maintains; the leader develops

4.The manager focuses on systems and structure; the leader focuses on people

5.The manager relies on control; the leader inspires trust

These are some of the differences between a leader and a manager. Don’t get left behind to lose your job – join the bandwagon of leader-managers. I’ll show you how in my next post.