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4 Pieces That Can Keep You Warm and In Style

Are you ready for an all-out holiday shopping these coming weeks? Before you hunt down the coolest pair of ankle boots this season, get ready to launch an all out search for the best deals that retail shops can offer.

And for you to do that, you have to be prepared for the battle by making sure that you’re dressed right for the holiday shopping extravaganza. I’m sharing with you my top 4 go-to pieces when holiday shopping.

Have a different set of clothes in your list? I’d love to know your holiday shopping style so don’t forget to leave me a comment or two below.

Holiday Shopping Outfit Essential # 1 Camisole

Any classic camisole should be your best defense against long dressing room lines. Wearing one can surely allow you to try on clothes without having to dress privately. You can go for any style or print that suits your taste. Have fun with prints like polka dots, stripes and Florals. If you’re thinking going after a timeless look, your go to piece should be a plain black or white cami that fits you well.

Just remember that camisoles tend to cling to the body very well so it’s a must for you to wear appropriate undergarments to keep your style chic and far away from being trashy.

Holiday Shopping Outfit Essential # 2 Oversize sweater

An all day shopping marathon can be difficult to pull off for hundreds of reasons. For one, getting it on with retail shopping all day long can leave you tired – not to mention cold from the chilly weather. But despite these little inconveniences, most women would just go for it one reason – it’s fun!

Keep your holiday shopping light and hassle-free this icy holiday season by donning on an oversize sweater. This would allow you to cozy up when you rest at the nearest coffee shop or when you snatch a nap on the way home. Sweaters are also easier to put on and remove compared think winter jackets or leather coats. Plus, their fluffy too – so you’d definitely get comfort, style and warmth in just one piece of clothing.

Holiday Shopping Outfit Essential # 3 No-lace boots (don’t forget your socks!)

Fall and winter is definitely the time to flaunt your sassy pairs of ankle boots. The cold weather just puts your style prowess to test by challenging you to dress in style while fighting your enemy this season – the chill weather.

Though wearing 5-inch heels make me feel like a superstar, I tend to skip the heels when going for holiday shopping. Like I said earlier, comfort is key so save your lovely pair for the family get together where you’re not running after clothes in great deals.

I personally like wearing no-lace boots because they’re easy to wear and stylish at the same time. Laces could be fun too but make sure to keep them loose so that you can conveniently try on any pair of shoes.

Holiday Shopping Outfit Essential # 4 Denim leggings

I would have recommended skirts for their comfort and flair but denim leggings got the top spot for this season because they’re more appropriate for the weather. All of us have surely seen the evolution of denim skinny jeans that later on turned into printed skinny bottoms and other adorable styles. Bring in the holiday cheers in your shopping attire by playing with prints, colors and fabrics.

Do you wear accessories when holiday shopping?

This has also been my question for the longest time. What do think? I’d love to know your thoughts to learn more holiday shopping tips. Feel free to leave your sweet nothings below.


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