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Post-Thanksgiving Dilemma: How Will You Go Holiday Shopping? Online vs. Old Style

Still thinking of whether to accomplish your holiday shopping list online or through the traditional way?

Here’s a short guide to help you find the most efficient way of shopping that fits your lifestyle. It doesn't matter if you still can’t decide on how to get that sassy pair of wedge boots, these 3 tips have surely got you covered. Let me know how this got you to make up your mind by leaving a comment below.

Shopping Dilemma Cure # 1 Online shopping is pretty much the same as going to the mall

I know they should be different but they’re really just one and the same. To look at it at simplest way, buying online or offline is just that – buying so none of them is rocket science when you come to think of it.

The biggest difference between the two is the way of buying a piece of clothing, a pair of boots or whatever it is that you’d like to buy. Online shopping, especially during the holiday season, provides instant access to tens of thousands of products with just a few clicks which makes it very convenient for the shopper. Who wouldn't want to get things done without leaving their home, right?

With convenience being the upside of online shopping, going to the mall has its own perks to like getting to try on and inspect the quality of the product before paying for it. Another advantage of taking a trip to the mall or the retail shop is that you’d be able to take your item home at once after you pay for it. If the shopping crowd is manageable, the longest time you’d wait possibly wait to get the product is like 15 minutes tops.

Shopping Dilemma Cure # 2 Research online, buy offline

A lot people are reaping the rewards of online research when it comes to getting the best deals and finding the right product for their needs. I actually find this way of shopping really help since it allows me to make informed decisions. With tons of product reviews, expert bloggers, price charts and other resources available online, I’m just not sure how anyone can still go to a store not knowing a thing about what they’d like to buy.

Doing online research before heading to the store has been giving me huge savings on many purchases. Aside from giving me the chance to catch special online deals for wedges and other fancy shoes, I also get to compare prices and products that surely give more options.

Shopping Dilemma Cure # 3 Fitting is the best policy

Aside from factory defects, dresses and boots are commonly returned to a store because they just don’t fit right. Remember that in fashion, anything too loose or too tight is less than ideal especially if not’s flattering to your figure. To avoid the hassles of having to return items in a retail store or an online one, make sure to get the measurements right.

Although offline holiday shopping may have an advantage in this area, it is very much possible to get the perfect fit when you shop at a virtual store. The key is to know your size before hand and take time to understand the size chart of the merchant if it doesn't follow standards

Are you up for some cross-channel holiday shopping this year?

Let me know if you’re going to shop in stores or online or both this busy holiday season. Share with me your shopping escapades this past Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales at the comments below.


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