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3 Effective Ways to Market Your Small Business Online

Holidays are here, do you know the worst thing you can do for your business during the holidays? Well, it’s turning off your scrolling LED sign early on a busy shopping night. Closing shop at the height of the shopping frenzy is just plain crazy. I hope you’re not the type of business owner who says no to customers when they’re ready to buy your products.


But with the technology that we have today – aka the internet, you don’t have to miss out on making a sale. I’m going to share with you 3 simple ways on how you can continue to promote your business online even when you've called it a day in your jewelry store or boutique. I’d love to know what you think about these tips so just hit me up with your comments below.

Holiday Online Marketing Idea # 1 Offer coupons and discounts through your online store

Give your in-store open LED sign a break this holiday season by continuing the holiday shopping rush in your virtual store. In this way, your customers can get their hands on your products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This could easily mean much more sales and profits for you.

If you've started your online sale initiative this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, that’s great! But it’s never too late to start to kick start the holiday shopping in your store. One of the most effective ways to start an online sale event is by letting your most loyal customers know about it. You can either announce it in your brick and mortar store or through your social networking sites. Sending an email to your customers' inbox days before can also do the trick.

Holiday Online Marketing Idea # 2 Engage your customers on Facebook and Twitter

Want to know how you can best reward your customers this holiday season?

Then go ahead and stalk them on Facebook and Twitter. But kidding aside, talking to your customers over at social networking sites can give you an unlimited access to their thoughts about your business and their preferred products. Take advantage of these data by playing them up in your next sale event or email newsletter.

If your customers have been asking about the features or the availability of a certain product then giving away one on your holiday raffle might be a good idea. Everyone loves getting gifts – so reward them with free items for being wonderful patrons throughout the year. Who say’s Thanksgiving only happens on November?

Holiday Online Marketing Idea # 3 Post a holiday greeting video on YouTube

Show your brands quirky side by posting fun holiday video messages on your YouTube channel. Who knows, your company’s 15 seconds of fame might be the next viral video online.

To create effective online videos, make sure that your message is clear and easy to understand. Also, don’t skip the research part – this would help you create a video content that appeals to the taste and interest of your target. Don’t forget to put a dash or two of humor to keep the light holiday spirit alive. Use attractive LED sign or lights to bring in the Christmas glow.

Is your business ready for the great holiday shopping? I hope I was able to help you think of creative ways to promote your business online at any time of the year.


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