Linggo, Agosto 12, 2012

Talk Your Way through Workplace Conflicts: Negotiating Tips That Really Work

Disagreements can never be avoided unless you live in solitary confinement. It is nothing but natural for people to have differences. After all, each of us is unique in our own right. Human resource books provide great information on how to deal with these hullabaloos. The only problem is there are tons of them. So I’ve compiled 5 practical tips that can get you from hating to hugging your co-workers in the end. Read up on these tips to be the next Mr. or Ms. Congeniality in your workplace.

1.Listen, before you speak
Unlike delivering a speech or a presentation, negotiations needs more listening than talking. Trying to reach a settlement involves two or more people most of the time thus there are more interest and options to be considered before finding a suitable answer to any dilemma.  Negotiating needs to be people-centered as well in order to resolve anything. Remember, this is not the time to bash other people or brings oneself to the pedestal. Doing so is surely a main ingredient to disasters.

2.Know your buttons
Go to the battle prepared by knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Do you get irritated with people who do not talk during confrontations? Do you have a relatively short temper or attention span? Knowing what will make you explode from the beginning will help you avoid them in the end. Looking after your emotions can make you more cautious and aware of not only yourself but your environment as well.

3.Focus on the real deal
Never loose sight of what really needs to be resolved. Stay away from touching points which are irrelevant to the main problem. If you fail to do so, you would most likely find yourself wrapped in another problem.

4.Lay your cards on the table – ask for what you want
Never be afraid to ask for what you want or else, you’ll never have it.
There is a big difference in being assertive and pushy or manipulative. Asserting means knowing what you want, asking for it and not taking NO for an answer. Always challenge the status quo to be able to exhaust all options before taking a suitable solution.

5.Kill them softly
This point is figurative in every sense – so hold your horses and revert those evil plans. During negotiations, the only thing you’d like to kill is the disagreement and stern beliefs of the other party. You’d like them to agree with you, right? Killing here means softening differences to be able to work together. You can do so by appealing to them emotionally at first or by arguing your point well so that they would understand and hopefully join your side. Never be too pushy or aggressive – being subtle is the way to go during negotiations. Offering apologies, acknowledgement of the misunderstanding that’s taking place and performing symbolic gestures nudge you in the right direction.

Never be afraid of disagreements. Welcome them with open arms and face them head on in order to get a better state. Start seeing conflicts in a different light wherein they are means of improving and connecting better with other individuals. Practice and share these tips to start living a harmonious life.


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