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Huwebes, Agosto 23, 2012

Make Your House a Home with Maximum Energy and Budget Savings

glass house

Business owners are all up on their toes in exhausting all efforts to save up on utility bills and other expenses in order to keep their business afloat and profitable. Wise ones make use of a scrolling LED sign to make their messages eye catching. Great advertising usually comes at a steep price, but not when you’re using energy-efficient LED Signs.

Dreaming to make your home attractive but budget-friendly? The U.S. Department of Energy has got some tips for you in their Energy Savers Booklet. Here are a couple of ways on how you can start saving energy and money for your home:
  • Programmable thermostats are great. This versatile instrument can adjust the temperature within in your home to keep warm and cozy during winter or cold when summer comes along. Since it’s flexible, you’ll have better control not only of electrical consumption but also utility bill amounts.
  • When choosing light bulbs, opt for LEDs or compact fluorescent ones label with an ENERGY STAR
  • Doing chores manually can save you a ton. Instead of using the dishwasher’s dryer, just allow the air to dry them out. This tip can also work for clothes. Hang a clothes line in your backyard if the space allows it.
  • Power strips can help regulate the electrical consumption of appliances on stand by. You got that right – even appliances on standby mode consume electricity. To avoid paying for electricity you didn’t use, conveniently turn off power strips and start saving.
  • If it’s not too cold, turn down the thermostat of your water heater to 120F
  • Warm long baths are always wonderful after a full day. But if it’s not necessary, opt for short frequent showers instead of long baths to save on water.
  • When it comes to washing clothes and dishes, makes sure to make it a one time big time affair. Gather everything that needs to be washed before starting. Cleaning them together will not only save you time but soap as well.
  • Start exercising your thumb. Landscaping your backyard or growing a couple of trees back there can help provide shade for your home. Trees can generally make home temperature cooler by catching all the sunlight before it even reaches your home. This can certainly lessen your need for air conditioning units. You can also expect a cleaner and cooler breeze with plants around.
Do you live in an Earth-friendly home?

I’d love to know how manage a full functional home that Mother Earth loves. Hit me up with your experiences, tips and comments below.

Miyerkules, Agosto 22, 2012

Do-It-Your Way: Spruce up Plain Old Boring Lamps to Make Them New


Sick of that lamp collecting dust bunnies in the corner of your room? Though a scrolling led sign is every bit more interesting than that ancient lighting fixture you’re keeping, there’s hope!

Today, I’m sharing with you a couple of ideas on how to turn something drab to fab without spending a fortune. Use materials you already have or purchase inexpensive ones from any craft store. Don’t forget to make use of energy efficient bulbs to turn your new lighting fixture green.

Are you ready for the big transformation? Here we go:

1.Buttons: Have a couple of pieces lying around from other DIY projects? Or maybe you’ve managed to fill a box to the brim by collecting ones that fell from your clothes. It doesn’t matter how you got your buttons because you can definitely use them to liven up any lamp. Using a hot glue gun, you simple stick them over the prepared lampshade. After filling all the spaces, you now have a funky new lamp that’s one of a kind. New buttons can also be used. Just make sure that each one of them is flat so that you can easily glue them in place.

2.Old newspaper or book paper with prints: To get that vintage look, you may wrap the prepared lampshade with these papers. You can do a papier-mâché style of keeping them in place. That is coating the newspaper or book paper with a water and glue mixture which you’ll just let dry. Gluing the ends inside the lampshade is also an easier option.

3.Bows and laces: Want to create a very feminine lampshade that reflects the real you? These materials will definitely do the trick. Bows and laces surely spell dainty with a lot of fun. Just like the other two materials in this list, a hot glue gun should be your best friend in putting these decorations in place. The creative possibilities are endless when you’re using laces and bows. You can create checkered patterns with your ribbons or just a simply line your lampshade with those pretty laces. Using both materials in one lampshade can create a sweet and girly look.

Super DIY Idea: You can also use apply the technique I shared in one of my previous posts. Warp your lampshade with treated warn to create a rustic designer inspired lamp. To do this, check out my DIY project on doing your own designer pendant lamp here.

Craving for more DIY projects? Just let me know what you’re looking for by leaving a comment below. I’d be more than happy to share more tips and trick with you.

Make a Team Out of You


Working in groups is unavoidable. Be it in school or in the work place, teams are generally formed to hasten the achievement of common goals. Though it may seem like a second nature to anyone, there is actually a science in thriving in groups. Human resource books are great resources to know more about groups and teams.

Today, I’m sharing with you 4 characteristics common to the most valuable team players. Help build any team by having these traits:

1. Thinking member

The strength of a team rests on the individual capabilities of members. When these competencies are pulled together, the results are surely greater than what members can achieve on their own. Be an asset of the team by bringing valuable attitudes and skills to the group. Though any technical know-how is a valuable contribution, it may turn out to be a frustrating disadvantage if not used well for the achievement of group goals.

Always be aware of yourself and the environment within the group to be able to respond accordingly at all times. Remember that being in a group means bringing in your personal expertise to help achieve common goals.

2. Exceptional

Showing reliability, sincere commitment and flexibility all at once may not seem easy. Being an exceptional member is in fact a difficult task. Individuals who are able to demonstrate the said traits at the same time really work hard. But I say you can achieve the same results by working smart.

To be a stellar team player, you may follow this exercise. Take reliability, commitment and flexibility as separate traits that you have to demonstrate. Write these words down on a clean sheet of paper allowing them their own column. Afterwards, think of the circumstances within in the group and write down concrete ways on how you can best demonstrate them.


Do you recognize something different with your high performing team mate? In reality, he or she is truly different. Valuable team members are hyper in several ways. They take on a proactive perspective and support the dynamic development of the group. Doing so allows them to thrive and be a cut above the rest when placed in a group set-up.

In a group, before letting your voice be heard, it is always wise to listen first. Collaborating with others is basically a give and take relationship.

4.Maintain an Openness

Groups are always composed of individuals who are working together to achieve a common goal. In this sense, joining a group entails one to leave his or her comfort zones in order to be a significant part of a whole. Being receptive to new ideas, processes and personalities is important to allow members of the group to work in harmony.

Ready to be a better team player? Share these tips with your family, friends and colleagues to help other groups become better. Let me know of your experiences in groups by leaving a comment below.

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Sabado, Agosto 18, 2012

Do-It-Your Way: How to Recreate Sophisticated Designer Pendant Lamps for Much Less

Giving your personal space that homey feel should never be expensive. You deserve it! Here is a simple DIY project that can help you recreate designer pendant lamps for less than $20. This bargain is definitely as eye catching as any scrolling LED sign but with more finesse. So let’s get it on!

Here’s what you’ll need:
  • A bottle or two of fabric stiffener 
  • Yarn Bath towel Inflated ball (It could be a beach ball or any other ball that you can deflate afterwards) 
  • Large plastic bowl 
  • Plate (preferably same size as the diameter of the yarn ball you’ll be creating) 
  • Cutter or a pair of scissors 
  • Chalk 
  • Tape measure 
  • Extra yarn about 6 inches long 
  • Electrical wiring Light bulb
Here’s what you’ll do: 
  1. Line your working area with the bath towel for protection
  2. Place the yarn inside the bowl and soak it completely in fabric stiffener. Make sure to massage the stiffener on to the yarn to get it on the insides as well.
  3. Once the yarn is soaked, get your inflated ball and tie the string once around the center. Leave an excess yarn of about 8 inches before knotting it. This excess thread will be used to hang the finished product for drying.
  4. Then, randomly spin the yarn around the ball to create a unique pattern. Continue on until your ball of yarn is finished and the ball is entirely covered with it.
  5. When you get a hold of the yarn’s end, insert through another yarn and make a knot or two to secure the structure. 
  6. Now, you are ready to hang the ball for drying.
  7. Check if the ball is dry by knocking on it. Expect to hear a sound when you knock on the hardened material. 
  8. Find a wide spot not covered by yarn. This area will serve as the path way for your electrical wiring.
  9. From the spot that you’ve chosen, measure at least 5 inches away from it. Set your plate on top of this area and mark around it using a chalk. This will serve as the entry and exit point of your light bulb in the future.
  10. Now, you are ready to deflate the ball. Use the eraser part of a pencil to help release the air. 
  11. Once the ball is deflated half way, you can now go back to the plate marking that you did. Cut around it. 
  12. Use your extra yarn to this small part onto your pendant lamp to create a simple door.
  13. Insert your electrical wiring on the spot you’ve chosen earlier which is about 5 inches away from the small door. 
  14. Place your light bulb inside the pendant lamp through the door and fasten it tightly.
Liked this project? Share this idea with your family and friends. Start prettifying your home anytime, on any budget.

Biyernes, Agosto 17, 2012

Make It Bright: Indoor Lighting 101

A scrolling LED sign can surely lure customers into trying in a new restaurant. This catchy means of posting announcements or information spells fun big time.

But do you need an LED sign to make your own home attractive?

Here’s what you need to know about indoor lighting for your home. (If you have a restaurant or a café, you can use these tips too)

Indoor Lighting Types

glass house

Natural As the name suggest, light from this type of lighting comes from natural resources such as the sun. Bulbs and other lighting fixtures are rarely involved in this type of lighting. Among all options, natural lighting is the most simple and most cost-effective means of lighting any room in your home. Usually, windows, skylights and other open designs are utilized to allow natural light into a room.


Artificial This type of lighting makes use of light bulbs to brighten up a room. Bulbs and lamps come in different forms. Incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and LEDs are some of the most popular forms of lighting fixtures.
  • Ambient or mood lighting. This lighting method is used to heighten the mood projected within a room. Bulbs are usually placed on the ceiling to bring down a soft and subtle glow. 
  • Accent or object lighting. This type of lighting highlights a focal point through the use of light. Accent lighting is best used when wanting to draw attention to paintings on the wall. The light’s direction plays an important role in accentuating the desired piece.
  • Task lighting. This is the most commonly used lighting method. Private and commercial spaces make use of this lighting to carry out regular tasks like reading, writing, cooking and other activities. This also provides the least glare and eyestrain.
General Tips
  1. Consider the function and purpose of your room before installing any lighting fixtures. Incandescent bulbs give off a yellow glow that instantly creates warmth in any space. Halogen lights, on the other hand, are clear and clean. For a modern feel, fluorescent bulbs are best because of their blue or full spectrum light projection.
  2. LED bulbs are the most cost-effective offerings in the market today. Though these bulbs may be more expensive than its other counterparts, it will certainly save more in the long run with its longer life-span and energy saving capabilities.
  3. Lighting fixtures can also serve a decorative purpose. Choose lamps or chandeliers that make a statement for that instant transformation in your room. You can either go for a piece with a bold color or unique style.
Nothing needs to be just ordinary anymore. Play with lighting styles and fixtures in your home to make it more inviting.

Check out our Energy Saving Tips

Miyerkules, Agosto 15, 2012

Everything You Wanted To Know About Blackberry LED Lights

Unlike any other scrolling LED sign, Blackberry LED lights are not always what they seem. Many people actually think that it’s some kind of a moor’s code that you have to decode.

Image Credits: Blackberry
Well, it won’t stay that way! I have here a couple of important things you surely wanted to know about the LED lights on your smartphone. I’m sharing everything I know so I hope you’ll pass it around and share it with others as well.

Are you ready to unlock the mystery of the blinking lights? Here we go…

What are these lights for? Are you fed up with the consistent flashing of lights on the upper right hand corner of your Blackberry? Do you get annoyed with the red, blue, yellow and green lights that flash whenever they want to?

Well, life is like that – we can never get enough of those irritating things mainly because they’re lovable. But in Blackberry’s case, they’re darn pretty useful as well. These lights can serve users valuable information on the spot. Though these LED lights may serve a limited number of functions, they signal the most important changes that are happening on your mobile.

Seasoned Blackberry users can tell the meaning of each color with their eyes shut. To get you to that level, continue reading the next parts to get you well on your way on becoming a Blackberry expert yourself.

What’s your LED light saying now?

RED: Hey, someone missed you and sent you a message
YELLOW: Feed me! I’m out of battery so charge me, maybe?
GREEN: We’ve got good cell coverage, sir.
BLUE: Do not disturb. I’m busy making a connection – through Bluetooth.

How do I lose or change these lights?

  • RED Go to Profiles Select Advanced Click on the profile name Find the message type you want to change Then, set the LED to Repeat Notification
  • Green Go to Options Find Screen/Keyboard Then, set the LED Coverage Indicator to Off
  • Blue Go to Manage Connections Then, uncheck the appropriate box
You can now live in peace with your Blackberry. Give others the good life too by sharing this article.

Martes, Agosto 14, 2012

LED 101: The GE Way

I’ve been a fan of the Light Emission Diode (LED) technology for awhile now.

scrolling led sign

It was after my purchase of a scrolling LED sign for my restaurant that I was able to really see the benefits of this lighting innovation. I spent countless hours searching online for lighting sign bargains. Throughout my quest for the best scroll sign, I stumbled upon a dozen of useful information and this infographic is one of them.

Coming from one of the most reliable providers of innovative lighting fictures, this infographic contains helpful information. GE Lighting Solutions has lent their admirable skill of simplification to this piece of work. Vital details are very easy to understand with the uncluttered design of the infographic. Facts are can easily be absorbed as well since they are stated in layman terms.

Here are some fast facts about LED lighting technology from GE:
  • This technology produces light by converting electricity
  • LED chips can be combined with other materials to produce a LED package or a LED system
  • Four main design factors for a robust LED system: mechanical, optical, electrical and thermal
  • The LED technology allows equipment to be environment-friendly, durable and controllable
  • The US Department of Energy has forecasted various savings in the year 2030 for the use of LED lighting fixtures
Read through the infographic below to know more about the LED technology, its benefits and work through the positive impact it can bring to your home and business. 

What is LED?

What makes a Robust LED System?
Robust LED System

What are the Benefits of LED?
Benefits of LED

How can LEDs Impact Us?
LEDs Impact

Are you maximizing your savings potential by using LED lighting fixtures?

Leave a comment below to share your best practices at home or in the office in terms of electricity use. Do you follow an efficient method of doing things that’s unique to your family, work place or even your restaurant? I’d love to know more about them so we can share it with everyone.

Remember that sharing can show how much you care. Let your family and friends know about the wonderful benefits of the LED lighting technology. In this way, we all get to save a couple of dollars while doing our share in saving our environment.

Photo Credits: GE Lighting Solutions

Lunes, Agosto 13, 2012

Do This, Not That: Energy Saving Tips

In a leisurely stroll over the World Wide Web, I stumbled upon this two part infographic that gives practical tips on how to save on energy costs at home.

Do This, Not That: Energy Saving Tips

Infographics are supposed to be fun and informative all at the same time. Though others fail quite often, this one from Visual Loop certainly delivers! This material is eye catching, eyes to read and full of reliable information. It cites a couple of adjustments and lifestyle changes that one can do in order to save on electrical bills at home. I personally recommend them as well. For businesses, using a scrolling LED sign is a solid investment. This sign doesn’t only get messages across creatively but it saves electricity as well. If you’re a business owner with a brick and mortar store, you should get LED signs to help save on electrical bills. Every dollar you save can surely be used to grow your company.

energy saving tips

Take these tips by heart and share with your family and friends. Visit soon to get the complete list of energy saving tips in this attractive infographic.

Image Credits to VisuaLoop

Linggo, Agosto 12, 2012

Talk Your Way through Workplace Conflicts: Negotiating Tips That Really Work

Disagreements can never be avoided unless you live in solitary confinement. It is nothing but natural for people to have differences. After all, each of us is unique in our own right. Human resource books provide great information on how to deal with these hullabaloos. The only problem is there are tons of them. So I’ve compiled 5 practical tips that can get you from hating to hugging your co-workers in the end. Read up on these tips to be the next Mr. or Ms. Congeniality in your workplace.

1.Listen, before you speak
Unlike delivering a speech or a presentation, negotiations needs more listening than talking. Trying to reach a settlement involves two or more people most of the time thus there are more interest and options to be considered before finding a suitable answer to any dilemma.  Negotiating needs to be people-centered as well in order to resolve anything. Remember, this is not the time to bash other people or brings oneself to the pedestal. Doing so is surely a main ingredient to disasters.

2.Know your buttons
Go to the battle prepared by knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Do you get irritated with people who do not talk during confrontations? Do you have a relatively short temper or attention span? Knowing what will make you explode from the beginning will help you avoid them in the end. Looking after your emotions can make you more cautious and aware of not only yourself but your environment as well.

3.Focus on the real deal
Never loose sight of what really needs to be resolved. Stay away from touching points which are irrelevant to the main problem. If you fail to do so, you would most likely find yourself wrapped in another problem.

4.Lay your cards on the table – ask for what you want
Never be afraid to ask for what you want or else, you’ll never have it.
There is a big difference in being assertive and pushy or manipulative. Asserting means knowing what you want, asking for it and not taking NO for an answer. Always challenge the status quo to be able to exhaust all options before taking a suitable solution.

5.Kill them softly
This point is figurative in every sense – so hold your horses and revert those evil plans. During negotiations, the only thing you’d like to kill is the disagreement and stern beliefs of the other party. You’d like them to agree with you, right? Killing here means softening differences to be able to work together. You can do so by appealing to them emotionally at first or by arguing your point well so that they would understand and hopefully join your side. Never be too pushy or aggressive – being subtle is the way to go during negotiations. Offering apologies, acknowledgement of the misunderstanding that’s taking place and performing symbolic gestures nudge you in the right direction.

Never be afraid of disagreements. Welcome them with open arms and face them head on in order to get a better state. Start seeing conflicts in a different light wherein they are means of improving and connecting better with other individuals. Practice and share these tips to start living a harmonious life.

Indoor Gardening with LED Grow Lights for a Change

For the longest time, scrolling LED sign have taken my breath away. I really thought it was a pretty neat innovation for putting signs and announcements that are more attractive to the consumer’s eyes. I believe it’s one of the best applications of the LED lighting innovation – until I came across grow lights.

scrolling led signs

Gardening is a very rewarding hobby despite all of the difficulties anyone might face. In my many years of having a love affair with different plants, I have grown attached to them. I often find myself too concerned of the survival rates of the baby plants I set outside. Like any other seasoned gardener, I know for a fact that the environment could be too harsh for seedlings to survive. Too much heat can dehydrate not only people but plants as well. If I had my way, I’d choose to grow my plants indoor first until they are strong enough to survive on their own in the great outdoors.

The moment grow lights came into the picture, I know I had solved my problem. This new method of indoor planting instantly became appealing to me. Wanting to know more about it, I researched and gather the following interesting facts about LED grow lights.
  • These are said to be the best artificial lighting source for growing plants indoors.
  • Emits only the red and blue wavelengths that are needed during the photosynthesis.
  • It provides huge savings as regular LED lighting fixture for the home.
  • They generate the right amount of heat – not too much, not too little.
  • Provides the right environment for plants to thrive.
  • Has a life span of about 50,000 hours.
  • Environment friendly lighting fixtures that don’t contain mercury
  • LED grow lights can be used with solar or wind energy to help users save even more
  • Highly energy efficient
I really like how LED grow lights can provide the right amount of heat and lighting for my plant. This is very important especially in the early stages of plant growth where they are still very sensitive. Also, the targeted production of red and blue wavelengths is impressive. I know that the sun is the best source of light to date but it gives off a range of wavelengths such as orange that are not really needed by plants.

Though I have yet to try indoor gardening, it really seems like a promising method of gardening. I’d love to have fellow gardening enthusiasts to try this innovative way as well.

Are you growing your plants indoors with LED grow lights? Let me know of your experiences or what you think about it by leaving a comment below.

Huwebes, Agosto 9, 2012

Do You Still Use Interview Questions These Days?

Interview Questions

Human resource books are irrelevant nowadays. When every company in the country is closing down, downsizing or outsourcing – who would need all of these books about hiring and keeping employees?

Reading Jeff Haden’s article on entitled “3 Interview Questions That Reveal Everything” gave me such a thought.

In the article, Haden interviews Accolo CEO John Younger who has probably interviewed thousands of people for the cloud recruiting solutions company. Quoting Haden directly on the mechanics of this hiring style:

Here's how it works. Just start from the beginning of the candidate's work history and work your way through each subsequent job. Move quickly, and don't ask for detail. And don't ask follow-up questions, at least not yet.

Go through each job and ask the same three questions:

1. How did you find out about the job? 
2. What did you like about the job before you started? 
3. Why did you leave?”

I absolutely agree that having an applicant answer these questions will reveal a considerable amount of information about the interview whether it’s good or bad which I think is very important. As a solopreneur, I know that hiring people to join my team would feel like entrusting them with one of my most priced possessions. It would always be a risk to be taken – continuing on the solo path means slower growth for my business venture but having someone to help me with certain tasks such as bookkeeping and other administrative work can enable me to focus more on the things that truly matter.

Going back to my question earlier – who would benefit from these hiring techniques in this digital age? Well, I would most certainly recommend these questions to other solopreneurs, freelancers and consultants to help them document their projects well to get better ones in the near future.

Here’s how you can use them:

How did you find out about the job?

In documenting previous work opportunities, being able to relate how you found a job can be a valuable asset. Were you referred by a previous client? Is this a repeat project from a satisfied employer? Having this information ready for future employers to see can help strengthen your credibility in the in what you do.

What did you like about the job before you started?

This question will serve you well in showcasing your skills, expertise and preferences in your work. This is important for any solopreneur because it greatly helps in creating a focused career. Taking every project handed to you by fate is alright when you are starting up but still do so after about 5 years in the industry gives prospective employers a reason to doubt your expertise as you don’t have a niche.

Why did you leave?

You may choose not to provide this information but for the sake of tracking your professional progress, it is best to evaluate every project when they end. Note the criticisms as well as the praises you receive for a project and reflect on them afterwards. Use this set of information to improve yourself.

With the global economy still struggling to survive, employees should not be afraid to jump in the see of opportunities and go solo. Though freelancing or starting a business is not for everyone, it is a great avenue for learning and growth.