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Martes, Disyembre 11, 2012

3 Easy Jewelry Display Tips

When it comes to creating a successful jewelry display, you have to be open to trying out anything that can help you make the display a success. Making a successful display isn’t easy. You have to try various methods, get different display materials and even try using other display ideas to help your jewelry sell better to your customers. If you don’t take the chance to try new things for your display, you might end up at the back of every other jewelry store in the business. You need to be updated on what looks good and what doesn’t. Besides using appropriate display equipment to give your booth some life, you also need to be aware of some display tips that can help with your booth’s success.

3 Easy Jewelry Display Tips

Here are some display tips that can help you sell more jewelry to your customers.

Use uniformity - When you display a collection of jewelry in one place, it allows a customer to see it in various colors. Instead of arranging your jewelry by color or by set, you can also arrange the jewelry by its similarity. If you have a collection of the same type of bracelet, place them all in one display equipment. You can use a string or yarn to hold them all in one place. Otherwise, you can use platforms to showcase them in various heights. Uniformity allows a customer to distinguish what they want in jewelry. They can easily see which colors stands out and will be able to choose which one they want to buy.

Use different kinds of fabrics with different textures, shades

Use different kinds of fabrics - In order to attract the attention of your customers, you need to make your jewelry stand out. The jewelry has to be able to call onto the customers so that they are enticed to come and take a closer look. Besides the use of jewelry display, you can also take advantage of different kinds of fabrics. Cloth is a very good backdrop for displaying jewelry. But that’s not their only advantage. Cloth can help to give your jewelry a push when it comes to attracting customers. Besides the ordinary cloth that you could’ve gotten from your bed sheets or curtains, you can also use special types of cloth like silk, weaved and even printed or sheer fabric. Simple as they might be, they can help to highlight your jewelry. Be creative and use different kinds of cloth for your jewelry. Mix and match to see which fabric works well with what jewelry.

color wheel

Use colors - Another major factor that can help in giving your display a boost is the colors of your jewelry. Because jewelry is available in a variety of colors, why don’t you allow it to boost one another? Use your display equipment as well. Before you can mix and match which display equipment will showcase the jewelry, you should know which colors go well with one another. For example, if you place a colorful necklace over a black platform, you can easily highlight the colors of the jewelry. Have you tried using these tips in showcasing your jewelry?

Lunes, Disyembre 10, 2012

3 Effective Ways to Market Your Small Business Online

Holidays are here, do you know the worst thing you can do for your business during the holidays? Well, it’s turning off your scrolling LED sign early on a busy shopping night. Closing shop at the height of the shopping frenzy is just plain crazy. I hope you’re not the type of business owner who says no to customers when they’re ready to buy your products.


But with the technology that we have today – aka the internet, you don’t have to miss out on making a sale. I’m going to share with you 3 simple ways on how you can continue to promote your business online even when you've called it a day in your jewelry store or boutique. I’d love to know what you think about these tips so just hit me up with your comments below.

Holiday Online Marketing Idea # 1 Offer coupons and discounts through your online store

Give your in-store open LED sign a break this holiday season by continuing the holiday shopping rush in your virtual store. In this way, your customers can get their hands on your products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This could easily mean much more sales and profits for you.

If you've started your online sale initiative this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, that’s great! But it’s never too late to start to kick start the holiday shopping in your store. One of the most effective ways to start an online sale event is by letting your most loyal customers know about it. You can either announce it in your brick and mortar store or through your social networking sites. Sending an email to your customers' inbox days before can also do the trick.

Holiday Online Marketing Idea # 2 Engage your customers on Facebook and Twitter

Want to know how you can best reward your customers this holiday season?

Then go ahead and stalk them on Facebook and Twitter. But kidding aside, talking to your customers over at social networking sites can give you an unlimited access to their thoughts about your business and their preferred products. Take advantage of these data by playing them up in your next sale event or email newsletter.

If your customers have been asking about the features or the availability of a certain product then giving away one on your holiday raffle might be a good idea. Everyone loves getting gifts – so reward them with free items for being wonderful patrons throughout the year. Who say’s Thanksgiving only happens on November?

Holiday Online Marketing Idea # 3 Post a holiday greeting video on YouTube

Show your brands quirky side by posting fun holiday video messages on your YouTube channel. Who knows, your company’s 15 seconds of fame might be the next viral video online.

To create effective online videos, make sure that your message is clear and easy to understand. Also, don’t skip the research part – this would help you create a video content that appeals to the taste and interest of your target. Don’t forget to put a dash or two of humor to keep the light holiday spirit alive. Use attractive LED sign or lights to bring in the Christmas glow.

Is your business ready for the great holiday shopping? I hope I was able to help you think of creative ways to promote your business online at any time of the year.

Linggo, Disyembre 9, 2012

4 Pieces That Can Keep You Warm and In Style

Are you ready for an all-out holiday shopping these coming weeks? Before you hunt down the coolest pair of ankle boots this season, get ready to launch an all out search for the best deals that retail shops can offer.

And for you to do that, you have to be prepared for the battle by making sure that you’re dressed right for the holiday shopping extravaganza. I’m sharing with you my top 4 go-to pieces when holiday shopping.

Have a different set of clothes in your list? I’d love to know your holiday shopping style so don’t forget to leave me a comment or two below.

Holiday Shopping Outfit Essential # 1 Camisole

Any classic camisole should be your best defense against long dressing room lines. Wearing one can surely allow you to try on clothes without having to dress privately. You can go for any style or print that suits your taste. Have fun with prints like polka dots, stripes and Florals. If you’re thinking going after a timeless look, your go to piece should be a plain black or white cami that fits you well.

Just remember that camisoles tend to cling to the body very well so it’s a must for you to wear appropriate undergarments to keep your style chic and far away from being trashy.

Holiday Shopping Outfit Essential # 2 Oversize sweater

An all day shopping marathon can be difficult to pull off for hundreds of reasons. For one, getting it on with retail shopping all day long can leave you tired – not to mention cold from the chilly weather. But despite these little inconveniences, most women would just go for it one reason – it’s fun!

Keep your holiday shopping light and hassle-free this icy holiday season by donning on an oversize sweater. This would allow you to cozy up when you rest at the nearest coffee shop or when you snatch a nap on the way home. Sweaters are also easier to put on and remove compared think winter jackets or leather coats. Plus, their fluffy too – so you’d definitely get comfort, style and warmth in just one piece of clothing.

Holiday Shopping Outfit Essential # 3 No-lace boots (don’t forget your socks!)

Fall and winter is definitely the time to flaunt your sassy pairs of ankle boots. The cold weather just puts your style prowess to test by challenging you to dress in style while fighting your enemy this season – the chill weather.

Though wearing 5-inch heels make me feel like a superstar, I tend to skip the heels when going for holiday shopping. Like I said earlier, comfort is key so save your lovely pair for the family get together where you’re not running after clothes in great deals.

I personally like wearing no-lace boots because they’re easy to wear and stylish at the same time. Laces could be fun too but make sure to keep them loose so that you can conveniently try on any pair of shoes.

Holiday Shopping Outfit Essential # 4 Denim leggings

I would have recommended skirts for their comfort and flair but denim leggings got the top spot for this season because they’re more appropriate for the weather. All of us have surely seen the evolution of denim skinny jeans that later on turned into printed skinny bottoms and other adorable styles. Bring in the holiday cheers in your shopping attire by playing with prints, colors and fabrics.

Do you wear accessories when holiday shopping?

This has also been my question for the longest time. What do think? I’d love to know your thoughts to learn more holiday shopping tips. Feel free to leave your sweet nothings below.

Sabado, Disyembre 8, 2012

2 Simple Tips on How to Get Huge Savings on Post-Thanksgiving Holiday Shopping

Is your credit card still sore from all that Thanksgiving shopping? I bet it got more bruises during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. To cure your ailing purse, give it a rest. Think twice before you do some post-Thanksgiving shopping. That seemingly sweet urge might just be an aftermath of the wild and free shopping that you did a couple of days back. That – pair of ankle boots might not be the apple of your eyes after all.

Today, I’m going to share with you tried and tested tips on how to mend your beaten pursue this holiday season. I have 2 simple tips that would help you save tons of dollars while holiday shopping.

Post-Thanksgiving Saving Tip # 1 Think twice before hitting the stores

Before hitting the stores, make sure that you actually need the item that you want to purchase. Think of every possible way to get your hands on that item with having to shell out even a single dollar.

Is this possible? Of Course! Here are 3 tips to get free items this holiday season If you just need a pair of swanky ankle boots for a costume party, you might consider borrowing from your sister or your gal pals. This works best if you’re the ballet flats kind of girl who wouldn't normally wear heels
  1. If you’re looking into buying new furniture or things for the home, why not check hand-me-downs for your family home? Twenty-somethings and newlyweds can surely find golden treasures in their family home
  2. If you’re on the daring side of the spectrum and you have time, why not go out of your way to ask your neighbors or friends for the things that they’re planning to give away. I’m sure they’d be more than happy to give the item to someone they already know
  3. Make it a habit to open your cupboard or your closet to check for the items that you might have. Also, don’t look far – you might just find what you need next door.

Post-Thanksgiving Saving Tip # 2 Is your timing right?

Shopping is no rocket science but getting the best deals on clothes, boots and electronics may need a little strategics. After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you might be thinking – when is the best time to buy anything?

You can shop all you want during the holiday season. Merchants are exceptionally generous this season and sale events usually go on throughout the season. If you don’t mind rubbing elbows with tons of other shoppers at the mall then go right ahead. You can also stay at home and do online shopping in your spare time.

But make sure to have a long term perspective on things. What I mean is that you have to open your eyes and be aware of possible post-holiday season sale that could offer bigger discounts than what’s out there. More often than not, it pays to wait even for a couple of weeks.

Can you go through your holiday shopping list with just $ 100? If you’re up for the challenge, let me in on your tips, strategies and styles for holiday shopping on a budget.

Biyernes, Disyembre 7, 2012

3 Free Mobile Apps That Will Give You Money This Holiday Shopping Season

Hey there savvy shopper! I know you’re looking for awesome ways to snag great deals and have a hassle-free shopping experience this holiday season – you’re in the right place!

Today, I’m giving you the lowdown on 3 of my favorite holiday shopping apps. I’m just crazy over them. I’m pretty sure you would too once you get to know them better. So get your pen ready ‘cause you’re crossing out that fabulous pair of ankle boots from your wish list right now!

Must-Try Holiday Shopping App # 1 ReturnGuru Price: Free Availability: iOS and Windows Phone

ReturnGuru is a household app specifically designed to keep you on top of the receipt deadline schedule this holiday season. This makes return and exchange policies manageable during the busiest time of the year both for shoppers and retailers.

Holiday Cheers: Provides easy access to a large database of return policies for both physical and retail stores Automatic reminders on receipt expiration date Stores the information on your receipt by just taking a picture User support available through email, phone or via the app Receipts are safely kept using a cloud technology

Must-Try Holiday Shopping App # 2 Slice Price: Free Availability: iOS and Android

Slice automatically tracks online shopping shipments for users to help them stay organized and make them a well-informed shopper. This app keep online shopping under the belt of any user as it keeps records of transactions, deliveries and spending. You’ll never loose a pair of studded leather booties again while in transit.

Holiday Cheer: Allows users to track the status of their purchases Sends push notification when the price of a users’ item is adjust so that the price difference can be recouped from the merchant Easy back up of receipts for future use Tracking progress can be shared with family and friends Takes note of users’ online shopping spending by category or by item

Must-Try Holiday Shopping App # 3 RedLaser Price: Free Availability: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

RedLaser has taken the price comparison war into the smartphone arena. Not as a contender in that gadget field but as a reliable app that makes bargain hunting hassle-free. Scan an item’s barcode with this app and instantly get prices from nearby stores.

Holiday Cheer: Get the best prices right at your finger tips Scans all major retail barcodes which includes UPC and QR codes Supports direct purchase of item through the app Allows creation of lists for shopping, gifts and wished items Helps users find deals from tons of merchants

Are you buying your next pair of booties using one of these apps?

Let me know what you think about these holiday shopping solutions by leaving a comment below. If you have a couple of trusted mobile apps that you’re sticking with – I’d love to know about them too! Just keep your thoughts, comments and stories coming.

Happy holiday shopping!

Huwebes, Disyembre 6, 2012

3 Simple Ways to Effortlessly Cure Dry Skin This Busy Holiday Season

How's the weather treating you? If you’re like me and many other ladies over the country, then you’re starting to dread this chilly wind that this season brings. These past few days, I've been going out and about in my skinnies, chunky ankle boots and an oversize top or sweater. It might seem like a normal hip outfit but I’m actually trying to hide as much skin as I can.

My dry skin has been forcing me to hide under piles and piles of clothes this holiday season. But to continue on the cheers, I’m going to share with you today a couple of things that I learned and have been practicing to keep this seasonal skin problem at bay. Let me know how these would work for you and please do share this with your family and friends so we can all have a fabulous skin even if it’s the busiest time of the year.

First, stay hydrated. Nothing can beat dry and flaky skin better than the good ol’ H20. Drink it cold or lukewarm, it can surely quench your thirst and help your skin stay supple despite the chilly weather. But remember that drinking gallons of water in a day can only do so much.

Your efforts to keep your skin soft can be made more effective when you also control your alcohol consumption and try to quit smoking. Though these conditions make having good skin pretty difficult – but trust me, it’ll be all worth it in the end. If you want to kick it up a notch, you should also start eating healthy. Mix in more fruit and vegetables in your diet. These natural produce also have a considerable amount of fluids that could keep you hydrated. That is on top of containing vitamins and minerals that will keep your skin and body healthy both inside and out.

And then don’t take a bath. Of course I’m kidding – but truth to be told, taking a bath can dry your skin so if possible, don’t spend too much time in the shower thinking about the most important decisions you have to make in your life. And please take the singing somewhere else too. You can try to launch your singing career at YouTube so better ask Santa for a video camera this Christmas.

But kidding aside, harsh body soaps and even plain water can rob your skin of its natural minerals. The best thing that you can do to prevent this is to shift to rich liquid soaps during the fall and winter season. Your skin should continue to feel like a pair of velvet ankle boots once you make the big change. Another thing that you can do is to use heavy skin moisturizers, lotions or body butter to lock in moisture and hydration.

But if you do decide to take a bath, it helps to exfoliate twice a week. The beads on a body scrub doesn't make your skin dry – it even removes the dry layer of dead skin on your body so you can have that soft and smooth all over.

Do you get dry skin during the holiday season?

Faux snake skin looks great on a pair of boots – but on your skin? It certainly does not. Provide extra care for your skin this holiday season to avoid red patches and flaky skin. Let me know how you show your holiday loving to your skin by sharing your personal tips and tricks below.

Miyerkules, Disyembre 5, 2012

Holiday Fashion: 3 Outfit Must-Haves for Traveling In Style

Are you going somewhere this holiday? No, I’m not going to stalk you. But I’d surely love to know if you have any of the traveling-in-style essentials that I've listed below.

I’m pretty excited to share with you these 3 travel must-haves so let’s get it on. Zip up your favorite pair of chic Bamboo Shoes and let’s start spreading holiday cheers in style.

Holiday Travel Style # 1 Put on something skinny

Have you tried going for a long ride or a 20-hour flight wearing a skirt? Sure, it keeps your feminine flair but was it comfortable? Traveling during the holiday season is nothing like doing so in some other time of the year. Keep in mind that this is the busiest time of the year in possibly every part of the globe. Just so you can be ready for anything, say a delayed flight, it would be best for you to wear pants. You can go for jeans, leather, floral or even a polka dotted one to express your personal style.

Being comfortable is your main goal throughout the trip is your main goal – so skip the excessive Bling or plunging top. Save the fancy outfit for your next night out with your friends.

Holiday Travel Style # 2 Be comfy in flat shoes

Though A-list celebrities have been giving us a lesson or two on how to travel the world in high heels, I’d rather leave that traveling fashion style to them. I’m more of the Bamboo Shoes wearing kind of girl and I love it. Here are 3 reasons why you should love ballet flats and sneakers for travelling:
  • Run in the plane, the train or the airport without worrying about a breaking heel
  • All you have to worry about is a tired foot – no thinking about aching muscles and foot from killer stilettos
  • Get that effortless fashion vibe without trying too much

If you’re not a fan of utterly low pairs of shoes, just go for a pair that’s not higher than 3 inches. This would give you the comfort of ballet flats while maintaining that sexy feel that you so love from high-heeled shoes.

Holiday Travel Style # 3 Cozy up with a scarf and a jacket

Aside from the chilly weather that we’re having, the holiday season is just a wonderful time for snuggling – with or without that special someone.

It’s that time of the year when single ladies all over the country, myself included, can legally snuggle up with their fur coats. But kidding aside, traveling in style requires a couple of accessories that wouldn't easily get lost while keeping you fab and comfortable.

I highly recommend that you skip pilling on bangles and other jewelry pieces when you travel since they can easily get lost. Staying with the basics like a watch, a pair of earrings and a ring or two would be enough. Just get your style on by making a statement with your oversize wool scarf and leather jacket.

Martes, Disyembre 4, 2012

3 + 1 Expert Tips To Keep Your Skin Glowing This Holiday Season

I know that parties, marathon shopping and cocktail drinks are always part of merry making during the holiday season. Without sumptuous food and great drinks, Christmas might as well be just any other ordinary holiday. You can always make the holiday season fun by just gifting yourself with a candy-colored pair of Bamboo Shoes. But without all the glitz, fun and stress – it doesn't feel the same.

You see – this very fact makes me wish year after year that cocktails were made from some magical alcoholic drink that doesn't dry the skin. So today, I’m sharing with you 3 + 1 effective ways to keep your skin healthy throughout this holiday season. Let me know how these tips work for you by leaving me a shout out below.

Great Holiday Skin Tip # 1 Shift to oil-free moisturizers

Dryness is just one of the common skin problems during the holiday season. But another skin care concern that’s taking the spotlight is the outbreak of acne caused by lack of sleep, stress and too much partying. One of the best ways to keep your skin clear, smooth and radiant this cherry season is to trade your regular moisturizer for an oil-free one.

Even if your skin condition is normal on the average, it is very possible to start getting a little bit more oily than usual with your busy holiday schedule. Stop acne before it develops by taking on a special beauty practice this season. Think of it as taking care of that designer pair of shoes that you longed to own.

Great Holiday Skin Tip # 2 Slather on some sunscreen

This is a non-negotiable. Putting on sunscreen does tons for our especially now with the unstable environmental condition where summers are hotter and winters go even colder. Keep in mind that the sun can affect our skin even if we don’t see it directly in the sky. With that, I mean to say that as long as the sun rises – you’re skin would need protection from the sun’s UVB and UVA rays.

Great Holiday Skin Tip # 3 Take loads of water and fruit juices

I've yet to know if Santa Clause would grant this wish of mine this year but until then, it’s inevitable. For the longest time, I’ve been dealing with its effects during the holiday season in two ways. One is that I drink responsibly and second is that I load up on water and fruit juices to wash down my system after a drinking spree. Aside from keeping me dehydrated, these healthier drinks are also refreshing to the taste buds.

ULTIMATE HOLIDAY SKIN CARE TIP: Never skip your nightly cleaning regimen. No matter how tired or dizzy you are, always make it a point to remove not only your shoes but your make up as well to get rid of the dirt and oil that might have accumulated while you were out. This tried and tested skin care tip has never failed so it’s really worth it to give it a try.

Lunes, Disyembre 3, 2012

Post-Thanksgiving Dilemma: How Will You Go Holiday Shopping? Online vs. Old Style

Still thinking of whether to accomplish your holiday shopping list online or through the traditional way?

Here’s a short guide to help you find the most efficient way of shopping that fits your lifestyle. It doesn't matter if you still can’t decide on how to get that sassy pair of wedge boots, these 3 tips have surely got you covered. Let me know how this got you to make up your mind by leaving a comment below.

Shopping Dilemma Cure # 1 Online shopping is pretty much the same as going to the mall

I know they should be different but they’re really just one and the same. To look at it at simplest way, buying online or offline is just that – buying so none of them is rocket science when you come to think of it.

The biggest difference between the two is the way of buying a piece of clothing, a pair of boots or whatever it is that you’d like to buy. Online shopping, especially during the holiday season, provides instant access to tens of thousands of products with just a few clicks which makes it very convenient for the shopper. Who wouldn't want to get things done without leaving their home, right?

With convenience being the upside of online shopping, going to the mall has its own perks to like getting to try on and inspect the quality of the product before paying for it. Another advantage of taking a trip to the mall or the retail shop is that you’d be able to take your item home at once after you pay for it. If the shopping crowd is manageable, the longest time you’d wait possibly wait to get the product is like 15 minutes tops.

Shopping Dilemma Cure # 2 Research online, buy offline

A lot people are reaping the rewards of online research when it comes to getting the best deals and finding the right product for their needs. I actually find this way of shopping really help since it allows me to make informed decisions. With tons of product reviews, expert bloggers, price charts and other resources available online, I’m just not sure how anyone can still go to a store not knowing a thing about what they’d like to buy.

Doing online research before heading to the store has been giving me huge savings on many purchases. Aside from giving me the chance to catch special online deals for wedges and other fancy shoes, I also get to compare prices and products that surely give more options.

Shopping Dilemma Cure # 3 Fitting is the best policy

Aside from factory defects, dresses and boots are commonly returned to a store because they just don’t fit right. Remember that in fashion, anything too loose or too tight is less than ideal especially if not’s flattering to your figure. To avoid the hassles of having to return items in a retail store or an online one, make sure to get the measurements right.

Although offline holiday shopping may have an advantage in this area, it is very much possible to get the perfect fit when you shop at a virtual store. The key is to know your size before hand and take time to understand the size chart of the merchant if it doesn't follow standards

Are you up for some cross-channel holiday shopping this year?

Let me know if you’re going to shop in stores or online or both this busy holiday season. Share with me your shopping escapades this past Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales at the comments below.