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Linggo, Hulyo 22, 2012

Breaking the Rules to Motivation

Stephen Covey’s death early this week came as a surprise to many people around the globe. Educators, speakers and life coaches were not the only ones saddened by the incident, individuals who have read and benefited from this wise man’s words were also left with a scar.

I am one of those who were left with a fresh wound. I ended up reading the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People as an academic requirement back the university. My professor for the Organizational Behavior class made us read Covey. My first guess was that my professor is a big fan, but after reading the entire book – from cover to cover, I realized that he was just paying it forward. He was passing on Covey’s good message in the hopes of helping people become better versions of themselves.

The book is such an eye opener. I learned invaluable lessons from the pages of that book which I already integrate in my daily life. Through my practice of Covey’s words, I was able to find myself and a couple of personal principles that has been guiding me for awhile now. And these are the things that I’d be sharing with you in this post.

Human resource books that focus on developing individuals would probably preach that motivation can be obtained by following certain steps, rules or even maxims that have been tested and proven over the years. And this will always be very unacceptable for me. I have come to realize over the years that motivation rarely comes by easily. Despite its snobbish nature, motivation will always be something personal.

Here are 3 things that I learned about motivation from Stephen Covey and my life experiences:

1.Motivation is never permanent. It will come and go as it pleases. You can’t control when you’ll be inspired or not, so the best thing you can do is know what things make you tick. Take note of what inspires you or how you get all fired up. Though they won’t work 100 percent of the time, this is better than being idle and unproductive because you’re feeling lost.

2.Sleeping will always be a good idea. This is most helpful when making big decisions. Never rush things if you can afford to do so. Sleep on your options or the outputs that you’ve made. Revisit them at a later time to bring in a fresh take on things. A rested mind is the best mind.

And lastly,

3.Find it from within. Introspection is the way to go if you want to live a fruitful life. Search for the truth and the goodness in you and share with the world. Never equate your happiness, dreams and hopes to everything that may be fleeting around you.

Remember that rules are only guidelines that point you to the right direction. These are not absolutes that you should cling upon and venerate.

Chanel Your Inner Designer: Instant Bedroom Makeover Tips

scrolling led sign
I remember mentioning a couple of posts back that summer is the best time to redecorate or remodel rooms. Since school is out, you’ll definitely get more helping hands from your siblings and friends. On top of the ready support that you’ll be getting, the weather is great so you’ll surely accomplish a lot of things.

Though I’m still thinking through my idea of placing a scrolling LED sign in my bedroom, I’ve gathered up a number of great ideas that will help you redecorate as well. These are simple and inexpensive adjustments that you can carry out to change the look and feel of your sleeping area.

Redecorating a room, or your entire home, may seem to be a costly project. Just think of the excitement and the new blood that’ll be gushing through your veins once the project is completed. Coupling your creativity with patience, hard work and thrift will surely give you a new room interior that you’ll be proud of.

Here are 15 things you must try for that instant bedroom makeover:

1.Add more pillows
2.Select a theme color for your bed – select sheets and pillow cases with different and design but in the same color
3.Free your desk from clutter
4.Hang pictures or posters on the wall
5.Paint a wall – yes, only one! This will give your room a focal point and an added personality
6.Use Christmas lights for added lighting
7.Write your favorite quotations on the “big blank wall”
8.Bring in a stool or an armchair for an additional sitting space
9.Pile on your books to create a makeshift side table
10.Get an eye catching rag
11.Build shelves or additional storage spaces on the walls
12.Display or hang your collection
13.Incorporate stripes and prints – from your sheets to your stationary, these small details can make your room look awesome
14.Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors! Using an oversized mirror or bringing in 3 of the same design greatly helps in making your appear bigger. Not to mention the fact that you’d be able to see yourself better when dressing up.
15.Create partitions in the room by moving tables and other furniture pieces. This will give you a well defined space for studying, sleeping and hanging out.

Ready to redecorate your room? Let me know how you’ll go about it.

LED Contact Lenses, Anyone?

I came across this freaky video and I want all of you to see it.

It’s not the disgusting type but it’s not at all pleasant either. This clip is actually boring if you come to think of it. There are a lot of still shots and nothing is actually happening. But the main thing that drew me to this clip is that the guy on the video created his own LED contact lenses and it’s just sick.

Cool kind of sick and creepy kind of sick – all at the same time. What’s next, scrolling LED sign on your eyeballs? Lol. But I would have to say that would really be creative.

Deep breath… here it is!

The guy in the video mentioned that a group conducted and released a study on the integration of LED lights to contact lenses. It’s an admirable thing, really. They conduct researches on this area that truly has potential and that’s great. Maybe one day the technology they come up with will bring humankind to greater highs just like what the internet has done for us in the past few years. I just hope that while we’re not yet there, everybody testing and lending a hand to this project will be safe.

Random question for the day: where would you like to place LED lights? Anything goes! Hit me with your best answer

Daydreaming At Night

Hi guys! I hope you’re all doing well.

I don’t really have much going right now. Having a little down time is good I guess because it gives me a lot of time to just relax and think about anything that grabs my fancy.

Lately, I’m into home interiors. I just feel so relaxed when looking at pictures of gorgeous houses and rooms. What I have right now is not at picture worthy at all. Before getting into this new hobby of mine, I used to wonder all the time how those room interiors got so gorgeous in their polished looks. I even doubted if those rooms could exist in real life. Well, I can’t deny the fact that they do. And that made me envious of them – in a nice way. Lol.

I had the time to think about the overall look and furnishings that I would like to have in my own flat. You know how I want to jumble things up to keep them fresh, right? So I’ll leave you guessing on the entire look for a while and just share with you a couple of things that I’d love to have in my place.

scrolling led sign

First of, I want Christmas lights. These things never fail to remind of family and the cozy cold mornings. I love the seasons! The damp, cool December air is always a joy when it touches my skin. Another thing that I’d love to have is an illuminated LED board with tons of color pens. I just think they’re such a fun way to leave notes and reminders. A scrolling LED sign donation is most welcome as well.

scrolling led sign

Typography posters would be really good as well. I like both the graphic ones and those that have meaningful messages on them. I owe these quotations so much. They helped me get through a lot and they’ve kept me strong when all I wanted to do was give up. Tumblr was so instrumental in this – I collected all my typographies from that site. And lastly, I want of drawers and storage boxes for everything that I keep. I’m sentimental you know. Lol.

Anyway, I really hope to start on this project soon. I’d be blogging about it occasionally – especially when I can’t keep the excitement to myself.

Fun with Neon Lights: How to Make Glow Lights to Brighten Up a Room

Summer is always the best time for any room or home improvement. Having the sun out the entire day allows you to move around make sure that the furniture or anything that you bring out from the house will stay dry and in a good condition.

Kids and teens alike can be pretty restless when school’s out. Though they’d most likely enjoy just hanging around, encourage them to clean and remodel their rooms just to keep them busy throughout the school break. I know a couple of teens who are really saving up to buy writable illuminated LED boards and markers for their rooms. Even scrolling LED signs are starting a rage! They said it adds funk and personality to their spaces. I must agree – I might even try it myself

I found this how to video in YouTube that provides a step by step direction on how to make glow lights. I was surprised how easy it is so I’m definitely doing this to make a couple of rooms at home more fun and interesting. Don’t forget to keep these new decorations safe for everyone especially if you have children at home.

I’m sure you’ll learn a lot in less than two minutes with this video.

How did that go? Are you ready to redecorate by playing with LED or other lighting fixtures?

Send in your room makeover ideas for this summer.

Would You Like Your Nose to Glow in the Dark?

Going through tons of YouTube videos again, I stumbled upon a one of a kind product that’s not yet sold anywhere in the world. A Japanese inventor, Noda Akira, had the unique idea of placing temperature controls to electrical circuits that are small enough to fit inside the nose.

I couldn’t but giggle out of amazement for this product. I mean – it is innovative! Think of all the Thanatophobics that will rejoice when this product finally hits the stores. When that day comes, no one has to worry if they’re sleeping next to a dead man. Lol.

I’d probably want one in bright yellow or neon pink when that day comes. But for now, enjoy the video clip below.

Are you ready for the breathing device of the future?

Catch you later in my next post.